Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my purchased items?

All our plays are digitally provided to you. So when you buy a script, you’ll receive an email with the PDF attached. For audio tracks, you’ll receive a zip file containing the tracks. If you have any difficulty or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a performance licence and do I need one?

If you then want to put on a production of one of our plays, you’ll need to purchase a Performance Licence. We charge £75 per performance for a licence if you are charging for tickets or asking for donations on the door, or £50 per performance if you are not.

That licence will permit you to photocopy the script and score as many times as you want.

You can’t use any aspects of the musical without a licence from us. If you want to change anything, then you must ask permission from us. We’re unlikely to refuse your request but we will insist that any changes remain within our copyright control. So, please don’t start your rehearsals until you’ve sorted everything out with us!

Do I need a vocal score?

The vocal scores contain vocal and piano notations for all the songs. These are useful for learning the songs, and if you are going to perform the songs with a live pianist.

Are there band parts available for any of the shows?

No, there aren’t but please feel free to make your own arrangement and orchestrations if you have a live band or orchestra playing.

Can I get a copy of the script to see if I like it?

If you’d like to preview a full script before purchasing, please contact us.

Can I use the artwork for my publicity material?

Yes! We own the copyright of all the artwork with the exception of Back to Front and The Pilgrim’s Progress which can’t be used. If you do wish to use any of the others for your performance that’s fine, but please credit the illustrator; Leo Hartas. You can download the files below.

A Christmas Carol

Alice in Wonderland

Hansel and Gretel

Oh Rats!


Robin Hood

The Rock Shop

The Jungle Book

The Magnificent Dream Machine

The Snow Queen

The Wind in the Willows

Tom and Huckleberry

Treasure Island